How to tune your There Radio (for the less technically inclined)

Note: this tutorial refers to a virtual environment called There (

Since shoutcast has changed their site around (again), it has become a bit trickier (but not impossible!) to tune your radio in There.

These are step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to tune your radio in There, for the less technically inclined.

First, take out your radio (‘doh)

2018-11-30 18_23_41-There (v24948) (DX9)

There are two ways to get to the new page where you can search for a station.

1. on your radio, select “change station” and on the page it opens, scroll (almost) all the way down, until you find this:2018-11-30 18_19_49-Shoutcast - Home

Click on “view more radios“. This will open the familiar search page you all know (and love *cough*)

2. or, (the faster way), just open

In this example, I searched for 1000 HITS Oldies, which resulted in this:2018-11-30 18_25_56-SHOUTcast - Search

The second symbol, which stands for “download”, is the one we need. Note: you have to put your mouse-pointer slightly ABOVE the symbol, until it turns into a little hand.

(Left)-click it. You’ll see three options. We need the FIRST one: Winamp (.pls)

Do NOT click the option. Rather, RIGHT-click the option and select “Copy shortcut

2018-11-30 18_26_30-Greenshot

Now, we go back to our There radio and on the Action-Tag, select “Tune to URL“.

That opens this page:

2018-11-30 18_27_17-Greenshot

In the box provided, we “paste” the shortcut we just copied.

It will then look something surprisingly like this:

2018-11-30 18_24_02-Choose A Station

Hit “Update“.

Now, back on your radio, click on the action-tag and select “Play

Verify that all is well, by hitting the combination CTRL-Shift-M on your keyboard.

This should bring up a nice purple bar at the top of your screen, that shows the station that is playing and the current song.

2018-11-30 18_53_10-There (v24948) (DX9)

(The CTRL-Shift-M combo is a toggle, so doing it again, removes the bar from your screen.)

Congratulations! You have now mastered how to tune your There radio “the new way” 😀


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